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Unicam TPS greatly extend the use of cycling as an effective and unique functional rehabilitation tool

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Our unique Retroflex adjustable pedal crank systems bring the joys and benefits of cycling to all ages and abilities from rehab to recreational cycling, amateur and elite performance.

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Our medical clients say

All the beneficiaries love the Unicam and definitely gives them a sense of achievement.

Excellent customer service and free training provided.

Excellent piece of rehab equipment for many different conditions, all departments should have one.

Juliette Dean, Fire fighters Charity

We have used these bikes for many years, with patients who have restricted knee range of motion, such as following knee replacement or trauma. The adjustable cam allows use of a bike with very little knee flexion.  Patients love using them and really feel like they help to restore their knee function. We have recently bought the swing pedal which allows for a wider range of patients to use the system.

Jane Hardwicke, Team Leader Physiotherapist, Nottingham University Hospitals: QMC Gymnasium

We are very impressed with the quality and functionality of this product.

The system is easy to work with and may be adjusted by the physical therapist to accommodate the patient’s needs. We are pleased to endorse this product which is already widely used by our colleagues in England

Ben F Massey, Jr, PT, APTA President

I have clinically utilized the Unicam TPS cyclotherapy systems in my clinic since August 2002. I used them with a large percentage of my foot, ankle and knee patients.

At our center we provide rehabilitation to many top professional athletes as well as general orthopedic patients. With the Unicam TPS system we are able to introduce the cycling motion much earlier because of the unique range of motion attachment, We can generally place an ACL patient or a total knee patient on the bicycle as early as… [READ MORE]

Kevin E. Wilk, PT, Healthsouth Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center

Since purchasing the bicycle is has proved to be a valuable tool in the rehabilitation of patients.

It is now possible to enable patients with limited range of movement to partake in cardiovascular activity within the gym environment. This has led to increased confidence and motivation of the the patients concerned.

In addition, the bicycle has provided a useful adjunct to physiotherapy techniques used to mobilise the hip/knee/ankle.

Lisa Barnacle MCSP. Senior Physiotherapist, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK

It is a pleasure to write in support of Unicam.

When the Unicam cycle was demonstrated to me, I was impressed by the design and ingenious construction of the pedal system. It immediately became apparent that the cycle would be of great benefit in the rehabilitation of gait in adult subjects following stroke. The demonstration provoked the establishment of a research project with Professor Tallis, Dr Pomeroy and myself in the Stroke Associations Therapy Research Unit, Manchester, to evaluate the use of… [READ MORE]

Professor Simon Miller, University of Newcastle, Department of Child Health, The Royal Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne

We found the Unicam System particularly useful in the class that runs daily following a total knee replacement. The therapists found that once they had mastered the necessary techniques for adjusting the amount of knee flexion, they could alter the bike quickly and easily to meet each patients needs. The patients were extremely pleased that such a functional modality was available for their rehabilitation.

Bobby Ainsworth, Superintendent Physiotherapist, South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Following the use of the TPS3 bike in our physiotherapy gymnasium I can wholeheartedly recommend its use. We currently use the bike to aid in the rehabilitation of our lower limb patients. The conditions treated being all conditions of the knee and ankle. It is also used to a lesser extent with our hip patients and… [READ MORE]

Debbie Burden, Senior Physiotherapist. MCSP, SRP, Royal Berkshire & Battle Hospitals NHS trust

I can confirm that the Unicam is a unique exercise bicycle which has a particular role in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from knee problems, such as post operative total knee replacement. Because of its design separating the two actions of the individual pedals it can be used when a patient is not suitable for a traditional fixed cycle, either because of restriction of movement or pain at the joint. Its adjustable nature allows… [READ MORE]

Colin Fergusson, MA, FRCS, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Berkshire & Battle Hospitals NHS Trust

Since purchasing the bicycle it has proved to be a valuable tool in the rehabilitation of patients.

It is now possible to enable patients with limited range of movement to partake in cardiovascular activity within the gym environment. This has led to increased confidence and motivation of the patients concerned.

In addition, the bicycle has provided a useful adjunct to physiotherapy techniques used to mobilise the hip, knee and ankle.

Alan Taylor, Clinical Specialist in Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy Department Manager, Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust

The Unicam has become an integral part of the early rehabilitation programs for our players. It is a well engineered and reliable piece of equipment and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Rob Swire, MSc, MCSP, SRP. Senior Physiotherapist, Manchester United F.C.

When I was introduced to the Unicam bike it was at a stage during my recovery where my ankle was very stiff. I was very impressed with the versatility of the system and that the physio could provide an exercise where I could improve the movement in my ankle joint. I found the pedalling strange at first but quickly became accustomed to it

I am sure that the Unicam bike has been key to getting me back to light training and kicking a ball again sooner than expected.

Michael Bridges, First Team player, Leeds United FC

When I first saw the Unicam Therapeutic Pedal System, I could see immediately that it had great potential in helping to treat many different types and range of lower limb injury. An invaluable tool for any physiotherapist who deals with the range of sports injuries many of us sees on a regular basis.

In addition to the existing benefits… [READ MORE]

David Hancock, MSc, MCSP, SRP, BHSc, Head Physiotherapist, Leeds United FC

For the past year we evaluated your bike on post operative anterior cruciate ligament repair and total knee replacements. We found several advantages to using your bike

  1. Early return to ROM. Patients are able to pedal full ranges of motion by adjusting the crankshaft on the bike. We found that anytime a patient can make full circles on the bike an advantage because… [READ MORE]
Thomas McConnell PT, ATC, Greater Pittsburgh Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, USA

Our recreational clients say

As you know we have bought a couple of your fantastic adaptions and have been very pleased with them they have made it possible for my wife to enjoy both our tandem trike and our 1956 98cc motorized tandem

Thank you for a wonderful product

Mike and Renate Hele

Paul fitted my bike with a Unicam pedal, as a was unable to have a full bend on my right knee, and I was awaiting surgery for a complete knee replacement. Having had my new pedal fitted, I was then able to comfortably cycle, with my husband and a friend, from Lands End to John O Groats. I would definitely not have been able to achieve this without my special pedal.

Having now had my knee replacement, although I have still, as yet, not got full flexion in the joint, I am looking forward to getting back on my bike this Spring, thanks to my Unicam pedal

Thank you so much Paul and team.

Sue from UK

A godsend that opens the world back up to people, who otherwise couldn’t get out on a bike.

Nigel from UK

Today was a gorgeous day to ride my BICYCLE along the river with my best friend. What a blessing my Retroflex pedal and Chainwheel bike shop has been in the past couple of weeks. It’s great to feel like ME again

Amy from Arkansas, USA

I have received the Retroflex pedal system and cannot properly express how much your product has changed my life for the better. Since 1998 when I had my accident, I have been limited in my ability to circulate locally and have depended on my auto to go even a few blocks from home. Since purchasing your product. I have been able to go and see local sights and events previously out of my reach. The change has been dramatic for myself and my family.

Chris Roversi, Italy

After almost 6 years of not being able to cycle due to a calcified knee with a ROM of just 20 degrees, getting the Retroflex has been a dream come true. I can now see a future where cycling can play a big part in my life again, just like before my accident.

Thank you so much Paul.

Colin Simpson, UK

I recently purchased the Retroflex from you, I just wanted to let you know how good I feel now I can use an exercise cycle; the benefits are obvious but the feeling after suffering with a chronic knee condition for 26 years is a fantastic one.

I wish I had heard about this years ago, who knows I may have even avoided the heart disease. I am sure that there are many out there like me who have never heard of this system which is a shame as it is really easy to fit to a bike and could help lots of people with dodgy knees, I bought a Kettler by the way. Well, it just remains to say thank you VERY MUCH.

Ray Sugden, UK

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