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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Retroflex system is suitable for me?2020-12-18T13:47:45+00:00

Knee bend under 60 degrees

Retroflex RX2 or RX3

Knee bend over 60 degrees

Retroflex RX2 or RX3

Recreational trails and road

Retroflex RX2, RX3 or Comfort cranks

Rehab following surgery

Retroflex RX2 (Exercise Bike or Static Trainer)

Sport Road

Retroflex RX3 or Custom cranks

MTB off road

Retroflex RX3 or Custom crank.
(Retroflex RX3 is not suitable for jumps or stunts)


Retroflex RX2, RX3 or Comfort cranks

When using a Retroflex, is there a loss of power due to the reduced range of movement?2020-12-31T16:51:04+00:00

Slightly, but often not as much as one might imagine. It will of course vary between users, depending upon each persons available range, fitness and strength.

The Retroflex Adjustable Cranks and Comfort Cranks is simply facilitating making outdoor exercise accessible and enjoyable, to be able to enjoy fresh air, and to be able to reach a café. However, we have had elite cyclist use our system whilst injured, simply so that they can maintain their fitness, and some have still been able to perform well whilst racing.

Our Retroflex crank systems fit to all types of bike including electric assist bikes.

Are there any servicing requirements to the TPS?2020-12-08T16:45:19+00:00

Yes these are detailed in the manual, which is available in the DOWNLOADS section at the bottom of this page

Are TPS components interchangeable between versions?2020-12-08T16:43:55+00:00

TPS components are interchangeable. In most instances we recommend a department purchase the TPS4 system, since this means that all features are available, but in busy departments, where multiple patients might be treated simultaneously, an additional TPS 2 or TPS3 might provide all that is additionally required.

What user-weight limits are there to the Monark cycle?2020-12-08T16:43:16+00:00

250kg (550lbs)

What Exercise bike is included with a TPS?2020-12-31T16:52:33+00:00

Unicam adapts the Monark 927E platform. The Unicam Dynamic Access Seat Mechanism is specifically designed for the Monark 927E, 928E and 939.

We are able to fit TPS to most other exercise bikes, but we are not then able to alter the seat mechanism, this may be less of a requirement to sports-therapy environments where the users are perhaps more ambulant.

Can I fit a therapeutic pedal system to my existing exercise bike?2020-12-31T16:55:28+00:00

The TPS is designed to fit exercise bikes and bicycles with a three piece, tapered crank. This refers to the centre axle of the bike. This is the axle that goes through the exercise bike, and to which the existing cranks are fitted.


Is the Therapeutic Pedal System one product or is it a range of products?2020-12-31T16:56:27+00:00

The Therapeutic Pedal System is a range of products. The products offered range from a full function clinical model (TPS-4) to a home use version (Retroflex) designed for patients with chronic ROM problems who wish to exercise or ride a bicycle. The system you purchase can be tailored to your requirements.

Does the Therapeutic Pedal System refer to the complete exercise bike, or just the cranks (disks) and pedals?2020-12-31T16:57:34+00:00

The term Therapeutic Pedal System refers to the cranks (disks), the pedal adapters, the swing pedals, swing pedal journals, foot and heel straps, and mounting hardware. The TPS can be purchased without an exercise bike, or UniCam can supply the system fitted on one of a variety of exercise bikes.

Can I reduce the width of pedalling?2021-05-12T23:45:15+00:00

Yes we can reduce the width of pedalling with a custom crank  system – please contact us for more information.

Is the Retroflex CC comfort crank system adjustable?2021-05-12T23:45:25+00:00

No the cranks are a fixed position which drop your knee bend to approximately 90 degrees whilst allowing a lower than normal seat height.

Can I use soon after an operation?2021-05-12T23:45:35+00:00

We recommend you seek medical advice before using this post surgery.

Can I use clip in pedals with the Retroflex?2021-05-12T23:45:45+00:00

We recommend you have to be a very experienced cyclist to use  clip and also consider the twisting action on the knee when un-clipping

Does the Retroflex work with any gearing system?2021-05-12T23:45:03+00:00

Yes the cranks do not affect the operation of gears whether they be derailleur or hub gears

Is the Retroflex adjustable should my knee bend improve?2021-05-12T23:45:55+00:00

Yes the cranks can be adjusted  should you improve or if knee bend becomes lessened.

Can I use the Retroflex on both sides?2021-05-12T23:46:05+00:00

Yes you can. It can be used on both sides and with different knee bend ranges.

Does this system fit any bike?2021-05-12T23:46:18+00:00

The system fits any bike that uses a bolt or nut to retain the crank arms. If you are not sure just send us a photo and we can advise.

Is it more difficult to pedal?2021-05-12T23:46:35+00:00

This totally depends on your knee bend, the less knee bend you have the shorter the effective leverage. Electric bikes are a  superb option to consider if you have a small amount of knee bend.

How much knee bend do I need to use the Retroflex?2021-05-12T23:46:45+00:00

None, the device will accommodate zero knee bend and you can just use the ankle flex with a straight leg.


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