Cycling has become one of the most popular participation sports/activities, which can easily be assumed to be available to everyone…however, for those who don’t enjoy normal joint mobility at the hip or knee, whether that be from an acute injury, or something more permanent, cycling is not easily accessible but offers huge benefits.

The Retroflex (retrofittable) cranks overcome these barriers, and are the origin of Unicam. They were designed for a young boy born with congenital shortening of both legs who dreamed of being able to ride a conventional bicycle with his friends, rather than a hand pedalled tricycle

The Retroflex crank can be fitted to one or both sides of a bike i.e. if you only have one knee/hip with a movement restriction, the crank only needs to be fitted to that side. If through regular use improved range of movement is achieved; the crank can be further adjusted to increase range of movement.

Supplied either as a self-fit system. Alternatively, we offer a free fitting service in our Somerset workshops or one of our growing number of national cycle shops stockist can also assist but may charge a small fee.

Retroflex RX2
Retroflex RX3
Retroflex Comfort Crank

Retroflex Comfort Cranks

These are the latest addition to our range – offering comfortable knee geometry with a lower-than-normal seat height for safe stop-start, mount and dismount.

The popularity of electric bikes (eBikes) has increased accessibility to outdoor cycling, but it has also highlighted an issue affecting some riders: Unicam comfort cranks allow lower seat height for stable foot position; without the resulting excessive knee bend. Making for safer stopping and starting and reduced / pain free pedalling action.

Since eBikes require a peddling contribution from the rider, the saddle height is set in the normal position – with some flexion at the knee, which enables the rider to apply optimal force. The consequence of this is that when stationary (e.g. at a junction), balance is maintained by resting on the balls of the feet or the rider transitioning from seated to standing and then back to a seated push off.

Many users not used to cycling feel vulnerable, especially given the weight of an electric bicycle will often exceed 20kg (compared to +/- 10kg for a non-electric bike).

Low seat position for safe stopping, starting, mount & dismount

Low seat position for safe stopping, starting, mount and dismount

Excessive knee bend = Knee Pain

Excessive knee bend = Knee Pain

Normal knee bend = Happy Cycling!

Normal knee bend = Happy Cycling!

VAT Exemption

We are currently waiting for a ruling from the VAT office but anticipate being able to offer zero-rating subject to a valid declaration of eligibility for those with a permanent disability.